probably the biggest project i’ve worked on so far. i hope you enjoy ^u^



those nerds in high school who run like this


in my middle school there was a boy who wanted to be called Sasuke Uchiha and he wore a Sasuke cosplay to school everyday and one day he did this run down the stairs and broke his arm and apparently he told the principle it was the ‘Naruto run’ and then we were all banned from wearing Naruto headbands and doing this run and Naruto was put down as gang activity at our school


step 1: cool story idea!!

step 2: how can we make this as SAD AS POSSIBLE


 Bizarrely Beautiful  sculpture by Megan E Craddock


deerly beloved
salfired paperclay - 2012

its not that hard to get a job
an adult who has had the same job for over 20 years (via obesitycore)

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